Jorge Galindo: “A completely new world”

My Name is Jorge Galindo and I am an undocumented student attending Glendale Community College. I was born in Toluca, Mexico in 1993 and came to the United States with my family when I was 1 year old. Since then I dedicated my life to being the exemplar student, friend, son, scholar and productive member of society that my parents raised me to be. Read More

Miriam Hernandez: “A better pathway”

At the age of six, my parents traveled from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico to South Los Angeles to provide my sibling and I a better pathway to education. My parents, like every undocumented parents, works tirelessly to provide their family the quality of the life they deserve. Read More

Ju Hong: “Pursuing my aspirations”

Before June 15, 2012, I knew what it’s like to live in the shadow of a constant paralyzing fear. The fear of being separated from my friends, my family, and my community; the fear of not being accepted within my own community; the fear of contacting the police at a time of need; and the fear of losing my hope and dreams in graduating from college and pursuing my aspirations. Read More

Melody M. Klingenfuss: “I am no longer invisible”

Before DACA, I struggled to pay for my undergraduate career because I could not legally get a job to help me finance my Communications/Political Science studies at California State University, Los Angeles. During my first semester, I realized that despite having had some financial help from my parents and a few scholarships from high school, I simply could not make my tuition payments on time. Read More